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Liz Knutsen Photography provides professional photographic services throughout Central Virginia and specializes in photographing children, teens, and families. She photographs our hearts' treasures, like our pets and prized horses. And she produces commercial photoshoots, product shots, and corporate and actor headshots.


Creating quality images takes more than a great camera

Taking great photographs requires experience. A great photographer is part technician, part master painter, and part film director. As a technician they must be able to operate their camera equipment efficiently and effectively. As a master painter, they must make color and lighting decisions which are appropriate for capturing the truth held inside of their subject and the story being told. And as a film director, they must be able to work with their subjects to actualize the unique qualities each subject presents and bring them to the surface so they are presented and recognizable in the photograph. A hobby photographer cannot read a book to learn how to achieve these things; rather, they are the gifts of an artist and they are honed through years of experience.  Read more about artistic merit in photography

Liz Knutsen Photography uses talent and experience
to create images that capture IMPORTANT moments in OUR LIVES.



Liz Knutsen has achieved an excellence at capturing the recognizable qualities of her subjects and telling their stories in a single frame. Truly, that is the essence of lifestyle photography–it produces an inspired moment from a subject's life. Liz Knutsen has evolved her family photography and portraiture sessions by combining the lighting qualities of a studio session and the interest found in taking photographs in a natural setting. Read More→



Liz Knutsen understands the importance of professional photography. In the corporate marketplace, and the world in general for that matter, many decisions are made based looks. Your products or services, and the people involved in offering them, need to not only convey but also impress. Liz Knutsen can bring her mobile studio to your office or preferred location and will deliver ultra-high resolution digital photographs which will convey your message and promote your business. Read More→


our mission

Liz Knutsen Photography PROVIDES more than digital files. SHE captures a truthful essence of her subjects, and DELIVERS tangible products to her clients by hand,
not by email.


Liz Knutsen Photography conducts regular mini sessions

Mini Sessions are becoming increasingly popular and Liz Knutsen Photography regularly provides affordable "pop in, pop out" opportunities for kids and teens. Find out more about about these special events. Mini session events tend to be organized around Holidays, like Valentines Day, Christmas, and Easter, and are a great way to spend a few minutes and to end up with a set of greeting cards.


Who is she and how she does it

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