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Lifestyle and Family Photography
in Charlottesville and Central Virginia

LKP photographs life and all of the moments which enrich it


Liz Knutsen can take pictures of just about anything you hold dear, and in a wide variety of settings and locations. She can snap pictures of real life happening or she can pose her subjects in a more classic portrait style. In either situation, her customers explain, that while her pictures all come out fantastic, that it is her unique ability to show, in the photo, something recognizable and true of her subjects. You can read more about what her clients are saying about her work here.


Lifestyle Photography is a pretty broad subject

Categories of Lifestyle Photography


To make it easier to find samples of Liz Knutsen's latest work, she has divided it into 4 main categories, Photography for Children & Family, Photography for Seniors & Teens, Photography for Dance & Gymnastics, and Photography for Horses and Pets.


Lix Knutsen Photography provides professional photographic and image creation services to families for 20 years, and in that time, we have learned some important lessons, the most important of which is that our customers seek out professional photography for one main reason: because who and what they want photographed is important to them, whether if it is their prized pony, their children, or themselves. This insight has shaped photography business into something different from most family photographers. Liz Knutsen Photography delivers more than just a digital version of your final photographs; she delivers a tangible product, a single framed print, a wall display, or a box of printed cards. Her customers have appreciated this difference, because after all, the treasures which you want photographed deserve more than just to become brief part of a digital news feed; they deserve a place on your wall, too. Find out more about how Liz Knutsen delivers her work and the products available to chose from.