A Family that Brings the Sunshine

An outdoor adventure in photography

This family's favorite thing to do is to be outside together, so we chose a favorite park for their family session and got lucky with a gorgeous Charlottesville Fall day.  The sunshine was beautiful, but I think this family brings their own sunlight where ever they go because they couldn't stop giggling and tickling each other.  They had been practicing their "silly faces" all morning and we caught all of those in between the beaming smiles and hugging. 

It had been a while since they made time to do family portraits and I was so honored to help them complete that task.  Their only goal was to get real life images together just as they are today.  Mom had tears in her eyes as I showed her the back of the camera to reassure her everyone looked great and all was going well.  "Wow.  There we all are, " she said, with happy relief in her voice.  She had accomplished her goal and could now relax and enjoy the rest of their session together.  That's what I want for all my clients.  A fun experience and in the meantime, I'm helping them freeze some of today so they can enjoy it forever.  That's what it's all about. 

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