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LKP Products

Liz Knutsen Photography offers a full line of beautiful finished artwork depicting your favorite subject — your family!  Our world is changing in so many wonderful ways due to advancements in technology, but often, we find all of our precious images “online” or somewhere in “the cloud”. Our clients have told us how nice it is to have there images close enough to touch, a framed portrait in the upstairs hallway, a note card on the refrigerator, or a custom photobook on the table in the salon. Artwork which you can enjoy without your smart phone handy every day. 

Remember the photo albums we all treasured as kids and all the “fancy” portraits we used to take at a “real” studio??  Some of us adults still have them, but if we are not careful, our children will be the first generation to have no printed images of their family members and more importantly of THEMSELVES.  


Liz understands how many hats parents wear these days.  She wants to make it easier for you — by providing finished, printed products with every session, that way you will have lasting keepsakes of moments that can easily be shared, and talked about, for years to come.  


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